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Boston Virtual Running Challenge

Boston Road Runners is challenging all runners to run virtual every day for the next 2 weeks! Run every day and share your runs. For a chance to win awesome raffle items (BRR Stickers, T-Shirts, Socks, Race Entries)

Run, share the run, and a photo of yourself on Facebook, it’s as simple as that. Any Strava or MapMyRun running activity counts, get out there and run 3+ miles!

As a Virtual Runner, you can complete the challenge at any time of your choosing, course, and location. As you participate virtually over the coming days on your own, share your runs, stories, and include #BOSTONROADRUNNERS #BOSTONRUNS #BOSTONVIRTUALRUNNINGCHALLENGE

We know that many of you at different points in your training cycle. At the same time, we understand others are in different situations where running 7 times per week doesn’t make sense. That’s why this challenge resets every day. Every day for 2 weeks, you can run 3 miles when you want if you decided just to run 1 day, awesome or all 14 days! Everyone is entered into a raffle for the day. 


Whether you’re training for a marathon, coming back from injury, or looking for new motivation, the Boston Virtual Running Challenge is for you!


The Challenge starts March 16 at 12:00 AM EST and ends March 29, 11:59 PM EST.


To learn more about Boston Road Runners Virtual Challenges and Virtual Races, please message us.



  1. Run 3 Miles or more

  2. Post on either Facebook or Instagram (post is set to PUBLIC)

    • Post includes:

      • MapMyRun or Strava activity

      • Photo of yourself before, during or after the run that day

      • Include the hashtags

        • #Boston Road Runners

        • #BostonRuns

        • #BostonVirtualRunningChallenge

  3. This challenge starts and ends on Eastern Standard Time Zone.

    1. March 16, 12:00 AM EST to March 29, 11:59 PM EST



All runners participating will earn a BRR sticker. To redeem your BRR sticker, please register for the virtual run. We will mail it out on the second Friday of April.

You will need to fill out a form to redeem your BRR sticker or raffle prizes by 11:59 pm EST on March 29, 2020. Rewards available for runners living in Greater Boston, Massachusetts.



All other questions should be directed to Boston Road Runners. Prize eligibility and fulfillment is at the sole discretion of Boston Road Runners.


Running, along with any physical and mental exercise, can be a powerful antidote to times of adversity by building personal strength and resilience. We encourage our runners to find safe ways to continue this practice while adhering to the various recommendations put forth by public officials to stay healthy.